An interior design project that involved a new arrangement of living spaces, along with new design proposals on furniture pieces. The apartment is located in Limassol city center and we were appointed to present a renewed design of the living and dining zones, including custom designed furniture mixed with restored vintage pieces.

Our study was based on the idea of transforming the interior to a contemporary apartment with some mid-century modern references. In agreement with the client, a proposal for all the new pieces to be unified and in connection with each other was elaborated. Specifically, our main goal was not only to create a color and material relation in the interior, but also a constant visual concept, pointed out by a consistency of shapes and forms.

An ensemble comprising a bookcase and a TV stand was designed.

At the remaining space, an arrangement of sofas, armchairs and coffee tables was placed. The sofa, a pre-existing piece of sentimental value for the client, was completely restored, in order to bring out its original solid walnut wood texture. Its fabric design, inspired by geometric elements, complements the furniture’s vintage style, while representing a contemporary design element of its own.

The coffee tables were designed to be a set of three in different heights, eligible to either create a composition together or to be used separately, according to the client’s needs. While their steel frame is painted black, their table tops stand out by the use of two different materials. In this case, apart from the painted steel sheet and white oak wood, polished concrete was used as a third material in the space, evoking an industrial style detail.

The living room restyling is completed with a restored vintage office desk produced in the 70s. Made by solid beech wood, it is painted in shades of grey.

The dining area comprises a vintage restored walnut dining table with a white color intervention and restored vintage set of chairs. These were upholstered with a custom design fabric in various colors inspired by the repetition of heptagon.

Additionally, a selection of certain furniture pieces for the master bedroom and WCs was delivered.