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The project consisted of a complete renovation of a 90m2 apartment built in the 1990s. Located in Limassol’s city center, it was originally designed as a three-bedroom apartment with an open-air kitchen and living areas. As the current resident needed fewer and more spacious rooms, a redesign of the interior space architecture was undertaken and a new arrangement of the living areas was proposed.

A new plan for all the zones was rendered, defining the use of each space based on the most suitable and convenient arrangement. We chose to transfer the dining area next to the large balcony window in order to take advantage of the seamless view of the city. Moreover, we expanded the kitchen area by cancelling the use of a pre-existing island bar. Finally, new materials were selected, resulting in an aesthetic upgrade of the space.

As far as the interior style is concerned, our study was based on the idea of transforming the interior into a contemporary apartment with some mid-century modern references. Therefore a suggestion where all the new pieces would be unified and connected with each other was elaborated. Specifically, a relation between the colors and materials was determined, and a visual concept characterised by a consistency of shapes and forms was decided.

The use of custom designed furniture and restored mid-century vintage pieces effectively supports the concept of mixing different design periods.

An ensemble comprising a bookcase and a TV stand was designed for the living room, showcasing a combination of different materials and colors. In addition to this, custom-made coffee tables were proposed. Originally designed as  a set of three, the coffee tables can be either arranged as a composition or placed separately.

An original pattern design was used on the upholstery of the sofa and dining chairs, representing a contemporary design element on its own while at the same time complementing the furniture’s vintage style. Finally, a selection of original, restored mid-century furniture pieces completed the interior style.

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