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Our design studio takes on complete architectural studies mainly for residential projects, but also for commercial buildings and office spaces. We also have substantial experience in the rehabilitation of preserved and historical buildings in accordance with state procedures. Whether designing a new residential project or a building renovation, we aim to provide innovative solutions and experiment with new aesthetic forms. As we hold dear the notion of functionalism, our  proposals always aspire to reflect both and a user-friendly space design. A thorough exterior and interior layout study complete with material choices is delivered, with emphasis on detail and its valuable aesthetic result.


The project consisted of the complete renovation of a 380m2 two-storey building, along with a second floor addition. Up until its renovation this 1950s construction, located in Limassol’s city center, maintained its original form, a combination of office spaces on the ground floor and residential use of the first floor. The second floor addition was considered necessary in order to comfortably accommodate the new owner’s  4-member family.



The project consisted of the complete rehabilitation for residential use of a preserved building in the heart of a traditional Cypriot village. The building, which dates back to the 19th century, served as the owners’ main residence before it was abandoned.

It consists of two floors covering a total area of 140m2, including a yard. Traditionally, the ground floor was used as storage space and the first floor as the family residence. Our main aim was to maintain the architectural identity of the house and preserve its special decorative elements, while combining them with modern facilities using natural materials.