Our team is fully dedicated to carry on furniture design projects, as it is a procedure that combines creativity and detailed design. A furniture project differentiates between a total custom design where all the different pieces of a space, for example a living room, are proposed, and a sole furniture suggestion, e.g. a single new dining table or a sofa.


Wood-based furniture pieces are designed by our team using a variety of wood types such as oak, walnut and ash wood. The most suitable selection of wood type is made based on the piece’s type and purpose. A combination of wood types also takes place in accordance with the furniture’s design. Both solid wood and/or wood veneer are used, while various choices of protective coats and varnishes are proposed to best serve the design qualities of each piece.


Furniture pieces made entirely or partly of steel are included to our studio’s work. They are combined with materials such as wood and concrete and painted in various colors.


Pieces like coffee tables, bookcases, lighting and sideboards are made by copper pipes in combination with wood or other materials. Copper-based furniture are delivered in either gloss or matte reflection. 


The use of concrete on specific furniture pieces characterizes our designs. The qualities of the material permit a combination with other materials such as steel and wood. 


Original pattern design is applied on any upholstered furniture piece. A wide variety of textile designs and fabric choices is proposed, according to the style of each piece.