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Our design studio engages and provides study and supervision services in the following fields:


Architectural proposals / A complete architectural study, either for a new building or for the renovation of an existing one, with a detailed interior and exterior layout. Selection of all materials and custom furniture design. Rehabilitation of preserved buildings in accordance with state procedures is also undertaken.


Interior architectural proposals / Whether as part of an architectural proposal or as a standalone project comprehensive space formation is accomplished, comprising plan arrangement, interior lighting, special constructions, material and color selection, decorative compositions and function/concept compatibility.


Structural engineering / Complete structural study of a project, including all necessary information and construction details for the project designer and assigned professionals.


Furniture design / Custom design of both mobile and immobile pieces (e.g. dining tables, sideboards, bookcases) with complete construction study in full detail. Supervision of construction is also provided.


Textile design / A vast selection of our own original textile designs is available for furniture upholstery and application on surfaces such as curtains, carpets and wallpaper. Supervision of installation is also provided. With regard to upholstery, our textiles can also be used on furniture pieces owned by the client.


Product design / Concerns the original design of a wide range of products  (ranging from everyday objects to house accessories) based on material and technique experimentation. There is a variety of materials and sizes  to choose from.


Styling / Our team engages in styling and decoration for residential and commercial projects. Through a careful  selection of furniture, lighting and decorative items, a novel and aesthetic solution is designed.


We provide project previews comprising mood-boards and photorealistic representations, which enhance one’s understanding of the final product.


Moreover, we offer  comprehensive advisory services on the following:

Sustainability study of a development / We provide a complete study regarding a development’s potential, and quality value.

Project management / Coordination and supervision of all professionals involved in a project, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Advice on material selection / Based on the existing space layout our team can provide the most appropriate materials and colors for any given budget and style.

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