Whether an interior architectural project is taken on as an independent design project or as part of an architectural proposal, we always seek to design a comprehensive and functional interior space. Specifically, we assume the interior design of residences, commercial buildings and office spaces. While the in depth understanding of material, color qualities and the significance of certain special constructions are our main assets in creating an interesting interior space, the user’s identity and style are also taken into serious consideration, in order to deliver an interior that will be pleasant to live in. Furthermore, elements that complement the aesthetic result, such as decorative compositions and interior lighting, are integrated into the study, so as to construct an interior space that contributes to a higher quality of life.


A renovation project of a 45m2 building with interior yard from the 50s. It is built according to the common manner of the time, that is, its framework is made by concrete and adobe. Its original use was as a secondary residence, while in the last decade it mainly served as, storage. The whole building, both externally and internally was in an extremely bad condition, due to its age, as well as due to the complete lack of maintenance and improvement measures through the years. The renovation was undertaken in order to transform it to a modern residential loft, that could also host artists during their residency in Cyprus.

Our study was directed to create an open plan with a steel frame loft addition. Consequently, all interior walls and dividers were demolished, while a new WC was constructed with drywall materials. Taking advantage of the height, the loft was designated as the new sleeping space. Wire rope was placed along the two sides of the suspended steel construction, an element that, besides protection for the tenant, offers an unobstructed view of the rest of the house.


The project involved a renovation of a 130m2 apartment from the 50s and its conversion to a contemporary residential flat. It was used for years as an office space and due to the lack of maintenance, the interior was in very bad condition. In later times it was used mainly as storage space.

Upon commencing our design study, it was essential to transform the interior layout in a way that it would be more functional and cozy, and in accordance with its new usage. The new plan proposed three bedrooms with their respected WCs, a kitchen, a dining zone, a lounge and a hallway. The flat is surrounded by balconies and a large veranda, permitting access to the exterior from almost everywhere.


The project consisted of a renovation and a new interior design for a section of a seaside hotel at Kissonerga village in Paphos. The hotel was built in the 80s and is a popular summer destination among tourists from various countries. As the main guideline was to provide a refreshed accommodation experience, while maintaining full capacity of guests, we aimed to deliver aesthetically elevated interior spaces, that would upgrade the living quality of the hotel itself.


An interior design project that involved a new arrangement of living spaces, along with new design proposals on furniture pieces. The apartment is located in Limassol city center and we were appointed to present a renewed design of the living and dining zones, including custom designed furniture mixed with restored vintage pieces.

Our study was based on the idea of transforming the interior to a contemporary apartment with some mid-century modern references. In agreement with the client, a proposal for all the new pieces to be unified and in connection with each other was elaborated. Specifically, our main goal was not only to create a color and material relation in the interior, but also a constant visual concept, pointed out by a consistency of shapes and forms.