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The project consisted of the renovation and new interior design for a seaside hotel at Kissonerga village in Paphos. It was built in the 1980s and attracts tourists from various countries, especially during the summer season. As the main objective was to provide a refreshed accommodation experience while maintaining full guest capacity, we proposed aesthetically elevated interior spaces that would improve the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

Our design study was directed towards two different concept proposals. The first one was based on a color palette of three different colors, while the second one differs in the use of white oak wood as wall cladding. While in the first proposal a modern view is achieved through the use of color, in the second one it is the quality of the wood as a material that transforms and highlights the interior.

The first concept suggests a coloration with shades of either pale salmon, light green or light grey on selected surfaces of the interior space. In the second concept a light brown shade is applied on all the interior walls that blends in with the white oak wall cladding. Large concrete-effect ceramic tiles were selected for the floor in order to create a neutral surface where all the other elements could be combined. The headboard for both solutions is a special wood construction, originally designed by our team. It is a custom pattern design on white oak wood with LED light at the back. Most of the furniture pieces were also custom designed and integrated into the overall style concept, as they were either painted accordingly or veneered with white oak. The rest of the interior elements were carefully selected in order to blend in with the color and material choices. Hidden LED lighting was used on all the ceilings. Moreover, special attention was given to the decorative artworks of the suites. Original pattern designs on wood were installed, creating a unique visual space.

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