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The project consisted of the complete renovation of a 380m2 two-storey building, along with a second floor addition. Up until its renovation this 1950s construction, located in Limassol’s city center, maintained its original form, a combination of office spaces on the ground floor and residential use of the first floor. The second floor addition was considered necessary in order to comfortably accommodate the new owner’s  4-member family.

The ground floor and first floor structure consists of reinforced concrete and brick masonry while the second floor extension is a steel structure. Out architectural proposal included new layout plans for each floor. White paint was applied on all the exterior walls and exposed steel beams, creating a luminous effect on the whole building through the reflection and diffusion of sunlight.

The first floor was designed to host all the living areas. Large window openings are found on the side of the living room while in the opposite direction there is access to a veranda. The interior steel staircase, primarily unifying the two levels, was designed to stand out as a contemporary element in a restored building. The newly added second floor was designed to host the bedrooms, a kitchenette and a small living room, all surrounded by a large veranda with direct access to the exterior. The office spaces on the ground floor were maintained.

The main concept of the interior design was the combination of different materials, suggesting a contemporary style. Specifically, on the first floor the dark oak parquet and light grey micro-cement coating are equally presented, and their unique materials are prominent without being excessive. A visual space division is achieved as these materials serve as area limits, defining the separation of the open kitchen and the living room area.

The color palette includes mainly bright shades which blend in with the natural brightness of the interior. For the kitchen cabinets and island bar a pale cream color was chosen while the counter top was coated with micro-cement of the same shade as the floor. Oak parquet is placed almost everywhere on the second floor. While bright colors dominate this level as well, some details are in lighter color. Specifically, the kitchenette’s cabinets are painted a grey/blue shade, creating a contrast with the setting. Unlike the first floor there is no use of micro-cement.

Our study was directed towards achieving uniformity and continuity between the two floors, in order not to have any visible distinction between the old and the new. At the same time, it was important to maintain a subtle difference with respect to both the use of materials and colors.

Original furniture design was undertaken by our team for the needs of the project, as well as the refurbishment supervision of selected furniture pieces.

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