The project consisted of a total renovation of a 380m2 2-storey building from the 50s, along with a 2nd floor extension. New layout plans were proposed for each level, in order to correspond to the client’s new needs and demands, while the office spaces on the façade maintained their use.

Having in mind the building’s location in the city center, we aimed to create a luminous effect on the whole building, using the reflection and diffusion of sunlight. Thus, white paint was applied on all the exterior walls and the exposed steel beams.

The main concept of the interior architecture was the combination of different materials, concluding to a contemporary style.

On the floor, the parquet and the micro-cement of a light grey shade are equally presented, as their unique material quality, wood and cement respectively, is prominent without being excessive. Moreover, on the 1st floor, these two materials serve as area limits, defining, for example, the separation of the open kitchen and island bar from the living room area.

The interior steel staircase was primarily designed to connect the 1st and 2nd floor and, subsequently, to stand out as a completely new design element in a restored building.