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Our team carries out furniture design projects, a procedure that combines creativity and detailed design. These projects vary from complete custom design where all the different pieces that compose any given space (e.g. a living room) are proposed, to individual furniture suggestions such as the design of a single dining table or sofa. Our knowledge of furniture design history enables us to extract the most beautiful features of past and current design trends and allow them to inspire us. Projects undertaken by our studio to date include the design of bookcases, sideboards, coffee and dining tables, and chairs. We always take into consideration our client’s style preferences in addition the interior design of the space. Moreover, we believe it is important to create furniture that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. This is the main purpose of our work in this area – to achieve a combination of comfort and style. Another important aspect of furniture design is material selection. Experimenting with new materials and techniques is central to our work. Depending on the project, we may use anything from cement, marble and glass to steel, wood and alternative eco-friendly materials. Each of these materials has special qualities which, if used correctly, can lead to a captivating visual result. Elements such as the material’s color and light diffusion qualities are also taken into consideration. The construction procedure of all furniture pieces is supervised by our team. We coordinate all professional craftsmen and provide guidance and construction details, in order to ensure that the final product corresponds to our client’s expectations.

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