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A’ Design Award, the international design accolade, aims to provide incentives to designers, innovators and creators  to come up with superior products and projects that benefit society. Every year, the A’ Design Award’s coveted design prize is awarded to products, projects, services and concepts that stand out in terms of their innovation, originality, functionality, sustainability, ease of use and economy. The Award is recognized as one of the most important design events worldwide due to its grand, authoritative international jury panel that consists of prominent designers, leading design professionals, established scholars and influential press members. Moreover, the event has been endorsed by  renowned institutions in the field, and has close ties with the academic world. Fingal Modular Surfaces


Having determined the modular identity of the design, we focused on the creative quality of the pattern itself. We visited multiple seaside locations and researched various publications in order to form a clear understanding of our concept. A catalogue comprising the discovered natural patterns was then created. As we placed emphasis on patterns that were developed on rocky and other stone related environments, we specifically studied the transforming impact of sea water.


The creative challenge of the project was to achieve the detailed craftsmanship required in order for the design to be fulfilled. As we had spent time on the construction details, we were able to resolve many of the challenges  encountered during the development and realization of the project with inventive solutions.


Inspired by the force of the sea the design highlights the balance and magnificence that define natural patterns. The form of the furniture pieces and bookcase, as well as the color tones and materials subtly transfer the bewildered impression of a rocky scenery to the interior. Also inspired by the abundance of natural patterns, Fingal redefines the importance of a well-considered design in a human made environment, enabling a reconnection with nature.


Representing the core meaning of integrated design, Fingal is an original pattern applied on modular surfaces. Set on both the wall and floor, it transforms the space into a whole. By extruding the furniture forms from details of the pattern, in the same way that the bookcase’s shelves emerge from the wall, a unification of surfaces and materials is achieved. While it preserves functionality and comfort, it differentiates itself by exposing its guests to the soothing effect of aesthetically considered design.


The notion of modularity distinguishes this design – being able to modify it allows for more creativity and limitless views of the pattern on the surfaces. Therefore apart from the original pattern idea plenty of other variations are possible, always drawn from the initial inspiration and concept. While the carpet tiles add to the functionality performance, all the other materials complete the clean-cut pattern that unifies all the spatial elements. The Fingal modular surfaces can be applied to diverse interior spaces.


The wall cladding is made of painted laser cut wood while the bookcase itself is made from metal sheet. A modular carpet covers the floor. The printed and patterned carpet tiles can be placed independently. All mobile furniture such as the ottomans is upholstered and the fabric is digitally printed with the proposed pattern design. Metal sheet is also used on the sitting furniture legs. SPECIFICATIONS / DIMENSION / PACKAGE / TECHNICAL PROPERTIES

Ottoman: 1620 mm x 470 mm x 450 mm / Carpet tile: 400 mm x 350 mm x 20 mm / 1.5 m2 Wooden module: 400 mm x 350 mm x 20 mm / 1.5 m2

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