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We are proud to consider The re-cover project as an important part of our studio’s body of work and further development. Launched in 2015, it stands by the idea of reintroducing mid-century modern design furniture to a new audience, by integrating contemporary elements to their design.

Specifically, while in the 60s this modernist style was widely used and popular in Cyprus, as time gone by, these pieces were disdained and abandoned by their owners, possibly as a result of unawareness of their aesthetic value. Thus, seeking for a creative, interesting and fresh way to give prominence to their distinct design, we have created original fabric designs, replacing their old upholstery. In a way, our goal was not only to bring the piece to its former glory with just a restoration process, but it was essential to incorporate an element that would communicate with the current design and cultural trends.  

Inspired by a variety of fields, from geometry and cartography to photography and world folklore art, these original fabric designs are drawn to be well matched with each furniture piece separately. Apart from the pattern or abstract design, they are characterized by limitless color and tone variations. All designs are digitally printed in the best ink and fabric quality available.

The re-cover isn’t exclusively associated with furniture that can bear a fabric (e.g. chairs, armchairs, sofas). Furniture types like dining tables and sideboards can also be part of the project, as long as the main concept is retained. For example, to have a furniture piece with a special design value, preferably of modernist style. The approach includes color application at parts of the piece, or even just an effective restoration and refurbishment.

As the concept of the project constitutes on both original textile design and restoration of refined furniture, these two creative procedures complements one another. It is our proposal to answer to a need of founding a cultural relation and dialogue between two different time periods with their own respective design trends and styles.

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