A renovation project of a 45m2 building with interior yard from the 50s. It is built according to the common manner of the time, that is, its framework is made by concrete and adobe. Its original use was as a secondary residence, while in the last decade it mainly served as, storage. The whole building, both externally and internally was in an extremely bad condition, due to its age, as well as due to the complete lack of maintenance and improvement measures through the years. The renovation was undertaken in order to transform it to a modern residential loft, that could also host artists during their residency in Cyprus.

Our study was directed to create an open plan with a steel frame loft addition. Consequently, all interior walls and dividers were demolished, while a new WC was constructed with drywall materials. Taking advantage of the height, the loft was designated as the new sleeping space. Wire rope was placed along the two sides of the suspended steel construction, an element that, besides protection for the tenant, offers an unobstructed view of the rest of the house.

Because of the location of the building, at a commercial Limassol city center road without any peculiar architectural interest, the view is directed towards the interior yard. Therefore, two new openings were created, resulting on one hand to more diffusion of natural light on the inside and, on the other hand, unifying even more the interior and exterior areas.

Concerning the windows, new louvers were placed, identical with the originals, while the wooden front door was made from scratch by a wood craftsman, since the condition of the initial door was irreversible. Still, the original door ironwork was kept and put back in place after maintenance and restoration.

The selection of the specific color palette was inspired by the colors that characterize Cypriot nature. As there is a wall made by natural local stone on the inside, the selection of a shade of beige on some of the walls and openings leads to a color balance and a direct relation between them. The wall, which was originally plastered, was brought out after the accorded restoration procedure. In the same way, the use of white color on some details like the mobile furniture legs, the steel stair and the window ledges, also supports the overall color consistency. The green shades on the walls and kitchen cabinets, along with the orange color on the floor, are relevant to shades that are also found in the island’s nature. The presence of a wood-burning stove contributes to the overall hospitality of the place.

The project also benefited from custom furniture design for the interior. The majority of furniture pieces was designed by our team and constructed by collaborators under our supervision. The set concept is the combination of mid-century and contemporary style, where all architectural elements are successfully integrated. While the form of the sideboard, coffee and dining table relates to design trends of the past, their materials strongly suggest a contemporary approach. Materials like copper, artificial wooden boards and white painted metal parts, influenced by industrial settings, effectually blend in a timeless mid-century interior. It is important to mention that the textile used on the two armchairs and sofa is a custom fabric design for the project; the pattern being an element that represents a modern identity of its own, whereas the orange and white color correspond to the color palette of the place. Furthermore, pieces like the closet, the office desk and mid-century Scandinavian style armchairs and sofa are original 50s Cypriot furniture and were put in place after research and appropriate restoration.